ContentWRX™ is a software platform developed Content Science® Inc.

Our Mission

ContentWRX has a simple but challenging mission: To help you understand whether your digital content works quickly and easily. Everything we do and say revolves around giving you actionable content intelligence.

Our Headquarters

We’re headquartered in Atlanta, GA, an international hub of the finance, travel, marketing, technology, telecommunications, and health industries.


Colleen Jones, a thought leader in web content strategy and content marketing, founded both Content Science and ContentWRX. She explains her vision for ContentWRX this way,

“Content has many important jobs to do on a website. So, evaluating whether content is doing those jobs well shouldn’t be a problem or a pain. I look forward to a day where you can understand clearly and easily whether your web content is effective and decide what to do next.

To make that day happen sooner rather than later, ContentWRX minimizes the hassle and complexity of evaluating content. By streamlining content evaluation, ContentWRX allows everyone involved—executives, managers, and content creators—to stop guessing or even arguing about what content works and start making informed content decisions. When your content does its jobs well, your organization becomes more successful.”