What is ContentWRX?

ContentWRX software evaluates your content's effectiveness.

Goal-Based Evaluation

ContentWRX assesses content in light of its goal. ContentWRX evaluations focus on purposes including but not limited to

  • Sales
  • Expertise / thought leadership
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • About / branding
  • News / media / public relations
  • Recruiting

Monthly Surveys with Proven Protocols

Each month, ContentWRX launches a survey that asks about proven indicators of content effectiveness. Our survey protocols

  • Have gone through reliability and validity testing, so you can trust them.
  • Align with the goal or purpose of your content, so the questions are always appropriate.
  • Focus on content, not anything else.
  • Allow you to ask a demographic question to understand who your content users really are.

Monthly Content Analytics

The monthly survey lets you know what users think about your content. Want to know what people do?

We offer the option to track behavioral analytics and integrate them into your ContentWRX score. We collect only the analytics that provide the most insight into content effectiveness, including but not limited to

  • Page views
  • Time on site
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Conversions

Monthly ContentWRX Score with
Easy-to-Use Analysis and Reporting

ContentWRX applies an algorithm to your survey and analytics data to generate your ContentWRX Score. You can

  • Track changes or progress over time.
  • Breakdown scoring by device (mobile handheld, mobile tablet, or desktop / laptop computer).
  • Breakdown scoring by user segments that you customize.
  • Create useful reports to make the case for changes or to tout your success.
  • Download raw data to integrate with other data analyses.

Research-Based Recommendations
and Guidance

ContentWRX helps you act on your evaluation by providing custom recommendations, offering supporting research, and curating good content examples.

  • The recommendations are dynamic based on your score and survey results, so they are always relevant.
  • We update the research and examples annually, saving you or your team hours and hours of information gathering.

Comparisons to Industry
and Best-in-Content-Class

ContentWRX compares your score to an industry benchmark so you can see how your content stacks up against the competition.

ContentWRX also allows you to compare your content to other industries that typically have the best content in its class. For example, you might want to see how your sales content compares to the best online retailers’ sales content.

Mobile-Responsive Interface

Your users visit your site with smartphones, tablets, and everything in between, so our survey experience works well on mobile devices.

ContentWRX is for people who want to understand whether their content works without drowning in data.

Midsize + enterprise organization

ContentWRX is designed for any midsize or enterprise organization with a web presence.

We offer plans geared for

  • Midsize companies
  • Enterprise companies
  • Nonprofits
  • Higher education or academic institutions
  • Government agencies

Key Content Roles

ContentWRX directly and indirectly benefits a variety of people.

Primary Users

  • Web Content Managers and Directors
  • Marketing Managers and Directors
  • User Experience Managers and Directors
  • Managing Editors
  • Content Strategists

Secondary Users and Stakeholders

  • Content Creators / Producers / Writers
  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • Customer Service and Support Executives
  • Subject Matter Experts / Technical Advisors to Content
  • Business Intelligence or Analytics Analysts

Any Industry

ContentWRX is well suited for any industry. A sample of industries covered…

  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Financial Services
  • Nonprofit
  • Ecommerce / Retail
  • Food and Beverage
  • Logistics

Types of Websites + Applications

  • Public websites
  • Extranet websites
  • Intranet websites
  • Mobile applications
Only ContentWRX gives you a steady stream of hassle-free and actionable content feedback.


  • Fill the content gap in your digital research and evaluation capabilities.
  • Reduce the risk of investing in content that doesn’t work.
  • Get feedback without waiting on IT, business intelligence, or analytics teams.
  • Make more informed decisions about content faster.
  • Influence executives and stakeholders to support your content efforts.
  • Efficiently educate your content creation teams or agencies about research-based best practices and examples.
  • Motivate your content teams by showing the impact of their work.
  • Be confident in smooth and secure set up, maintenance, and support.

ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Costs less than 2-3 custom qualitative or deep-dive quantitative studies.
  • Costs the same or less than 1 full-time business intelligence or analytics analyst.
  • Makes content governance up to 30% more efficient.
  • Reduces risk of wasting time and resources on ineffective content.
  • Improves ability to identify and act on opportunities to gain competitive advantage with content.
  • Improved content potentially will increase sales or qualified sales leads, boost customer / user satisfaction, or improve efficiency of customer service and support.

Sample Users of ContentWRX
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