Return on Investment

  • Spend less than the cost of a full-time analyst and provide more scalable content insight
  • Spend less and gain more content-specific data than repeated interviews, focus groups, usability tests, and similar expensive research methods
  • Reduce risk of investing in the wrong content strategies, tactics, or assets
  • Make content operations more efficient and scalable by reducing churn over content decisions
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of digital governance by showing whether and how content has impact
  • Reduce opportunity cost of not understanding effectiveness of content for sales, marketing, support, and more

Content Operations + Capacity Benefits

  • Stop debating content opinions and start collaborating on impactful content solutions informed by data
  • Align content teams and stakeholders around content performance and effectiveness
  • Show progress or impact to motivate content team members, stakeholders, and executives

Sales + Marketing Benefits

  • Attract more of the right potential customers
  • Learn about interests, perceptions, and behavior of specific customer segments
  • Accelerate customers through the sales process
  • Increase sales volume
  • Open new markets quicker and more efficiently
  • Prepare for product and service launches and promotions more effectively
  • Get more value from branded or sponsored content
  • Solidify customer affinity for your brand

Customer Experience + Support Benefits

  • Reduce costs by reducing call volume and repeat calls
  • Increase adoption and effectiveness of self-service
  • Deepen customer engagement and loyalty
  • Reduce customer churn

Employee Empowerment Benefits

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Deepen employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Enable employee advocacy

Artificial Intelligence + Content Automation Benefits

  • Make content delivery more dynamic, contextual, and personalized
  • Enhance machine learning about content effectiveness
  • Predict whether and how draft content will be effective
  • Enhance optimization and adaptability of content across multiple channels and devices

Industry-Specific Benefits

  • Meet requirements to listen to user or customer
  • Show impact of excessive reactions to compliance, such as extensive legal content or use of jargon
  • Make tracking compliance easier and more efficient

Voice of Customer Benefits

  • Close the content gap in voice of customer feedback
  • Go beyond vague “satisfaction” to understanding opportunities to optimize or improve content

Analytics + Business Intelligence Benefits

  • Close the content gap in analytics and business intelligence data
  • Go beyond vanity metrics to understand whether and how content drives results
  • Combine with big data to gain powerful insights about content and more