Monthly Content Analytics

The monthly survey lets you know what users think about your content. Want to know what people do? We offer the option to track behavioral analytics and integrate them into your ContentWRX score. We collect only the analytics that provide the most insight into content effectiveness, including but not limited to

  • Page views
  • Time on site
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Conversions

Monthly ContentWRX Score with Easy-to-Use Analysis and Reporting

ContentWRX applies an algorithm to your survey and analytics data to generate your ContentWRX Score. You can

  • Track changes or progress over time.
  • Breakdown scoring by device (mobile handheld, mobile tablet, or desktop / laptop computer).
  • Breakdown scoring by user segments that you customize.
  • Create useful reports to make the case for changes or to tout your success.
  • Download raw data to integrate with other data analyses.

Research-Based Recommendations and Guidance

ContentWRX helps you act on your evaluation by providing custom recommendations, offering supporting research, and curating good content examples.

  • The recommendations are dynamic based on your score and survey results, so they are always relevant.
  • We update the research and examples annually, saving you or your team hours and hours of information gathering.

Comparisons to Industry and Best-in-Content-Class

ContentWRX compares your score to an industry benchmark so you can see how your content stacks up against the competition. ContentWRX also allows you to compare your content to other industries that typically have the best content in its class. For example, you might want to see how your sales content compares to the best online retailers’ sales content.

Mobile-Responsive Interface

Your users visit your site with smartphones, tablets, and everything in between, so our survey experience works well on mobile devices.

Advanced Features

  • Content Microengagement Analytics
    How do your users scroll? Where do they pause? What content do they click on? Get more insight into your customers’ interactions with your content assets.
  • Evaluation at Section, Page, Component, + App Levels
    Content has impact at different levels. Get the flexibility to assess the content effectiveness of major site sections, specific pages, particular components or modules, and mobile apps.
  • Natural Language + Sentiment Analysis
    Your customers’ comments about your content and your organization are gold that ContentWRX can mine and visualize for insights.
  • API + Data Connectors
    Our API lets you integrate ContentWRX data into other tools, combine ContentWRX data with other data you have, and much more. Content insight just became faster and easier than ever. If you’re a developer, don’t miss these details.
  • Content Effectiveness Predictions
    Powered by the research-based best practices developed by Content Science, ContentWRX can explain how making changes to your content will impact your effectiveness—before you commit to fully creating and publishing that content.
  • Flexible User Interface Options
    Need special branding? Want survey invitations to align with your site or app design principles? We offer options for the user interface.